Disney Vacation

Two weeks from today my husband and I will be taking our four children to Disney World!

I am a work-at-home mom of four amazing boys ages 7, 6, 3 and 2. My husband is a sales rep for a wholesale distributing company. We have purposed to live within the means that the Lord provides for us and are so thankful for His blessings. With four boys, it requires creativity, sacrifice and sometimes plain old miracles to make that happen!

This has been an awesome way for us to teach our children about delayed gratification. We explained each time we had to say no to something that even though we were sacrificing now, the blessing of our vacation was going to be much greater.

We actually saved the cash in a bag so the boys could see it and when we sacrificed something they could see us add to the cash. This has been a great character and faith-building experience!

Brandi Johnson is wife to Brandon and mom to Taylor, Luke, Caleb and Zachary.

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We paid cash for our Disney trip this summer too! Great job! We were able to volunteer in exchange for Disney park tickets and it was quite the blessing. Have a great time

What an awesome blessing! Congratulations to your family! It was great that your children got to see how your savings grew as you saved. I hope you have a great vacation!

Love that story. This will be something the children will cherish over the years.

Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful story of sacrifice and reward. (I love how you kept your money in a bag so there would be impact, I bet your sweet boys were excited to see progress!) Enjoy your well deserved vacation!

WAY TO GO!! we just got back from our 10 day disney -PAID for with cash- vacation!! what a wonderful memory and it was truly a vacation ..because when we got home NO BILLS! have a blessed time!

Hubby and I grew up 45 miles from Disney World so we went lots of times and one thing I always did when we took our kids was to carry a pack of small paper cups to get water from fountains. Hubby and my sister worked at DW at some point in their lives and they were both sickened by the credit card use. I congratulate you on paying cash.

It is still very warm in the Orlando area so dress cool or in layers. We have been away for 16 years and I always forget and pack clothes that are hot in Florida. They had 94 degrees earlier this week-my Mom and Dad live there so she was telling me how hot it is still.

One more tip I would give you is this-it is better to rent a stroller in Disney than use your own. They get stolen.

@Nikki, We took our own stroller, too, and felt like it saved us a lot of money. Strollers do get moved, though.

@Alexis, Is that free stroller per day with a Disney Visa also good at Disney World, do you know? We are contemplating renting one from OrlandoStrollerRentals.com because it is considerably less than renting one at Disney, but if I get a free rental every day, that would change things!!

@Jen, We lost a stroller at Disney. My husband worked in the stroller rental shop when he was in college and all day long people came in to rent a stroller because theirs had been stolen. Not trying to be argumentative but you live and you learn and if you have an expensive stroller it is cheaper to rent.

The picture of your boys is adorable! The background looks like where I went to college at EWU!

Hope you have a great time and congratulations on your hard work!

We just got back from 3night/4 days at Pop Century (it was wonderful) 10/24-10/27 our room was $90 a night including tax. We flew Airtran and our flight for 3 people was $700 with all the fees. We did not get the dining deal or the multi-day park passes- so we payed a little more for food. No car rental- we just took disney buses, I brought my own stroller and we had free passes to Magic Kingdom one-day for volunteering. It was the perfect intro to Disney for our 5 yr old.

@Julie, If you have AAA check with them. They offer discounts on Disney vacations.

@Corinne, I was referring to our park tickets. Once they were done we were able to sell them back to the discount tickets places. They reload them and sell them again. Like I said we checked everything out to make sure it was legal and it is. It cuts the costs of having to keep printing more. But in case you like to keep them for scrapbooking etc. they did give us ones in place of it so i have them for our memories.

@marie, I am really interested in knowing where you stayed? I was just discussing with my sister and father if there was an option for camping instead of staying in a hotel. We also have a pop up camper.